Course Details

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Core Courses

Professional Nursing

Professional Communication

  • Course Tuition: $300
  • Delivery: Online learning with 1 lab session
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Textbook: Arnold. E., & Underman-Boggs, K. (2020).  Interpersonal relationships: Professional communication skills for nurses (8th ed.). Saunders Elsevier.
  • Outline:  Professional Communication course outline

Health Assessment

  • Course Tuition: $550
  • Delivery: Online learning with 2 full days of lab sessions
  • Length: 11 weeks
  • Textbook: Jarvis. C. (2019).  Physical examination and health assessment (3rd Cdn. ed.). Saunders Elsevier.
  • Outline:  Health Assessment course outline

Changes in Health and Therapeutic Interventions I


  • Course Tuition: $250
  • Delivery: Online learning with 1 online classroom session
  • Length: 9 weeks
  • Textbook: Sealock, K., & Seneviratne, C. (2021).  Lilley’s pharmacology for Canadian health care practice (4th ed.). Elsevier Canada.
  • Outline:  Pharmacology course outline

Medication Administration

Clinical Nursing Skills

Changes in Health and Therapeutic Interventions II

Clinical Course: Medical-Surgical

  • Course Tuition:
    • Instructor-led and preceptored clinicals: $800
    • Preceptored clinical only: $500
  • Delivery:
    • 160 hours of instructor-led clinical followed by 160 hours of a preceptored clinical in an acute medical, surgical adult-care setting
    • Learners educated outside of Canada must complete both course components
    • Learners educated in Canada must complete the preceptored clinical component only
  • Length: 320 hours: 160 hours instructor-led, 160 hours preceptored clinical
  • Textbook: No textbook required
  • Outline:  Clinical Course: Medical-Surgical course outline

Specialty Courses

Child Health

  • Course Tuition:
    • Theory portion: $200
    • Clinical portion: $350
  • Delivery: Online learning
  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Textbook: Hockenberry, M., & Wilson, D. (2017).  Wong’s essentials of pediatric nursing (10th ed). Elsevier.
  • Outline:  Child Health course outline

Maternal-Infant Health

  • Course Tuition:
    • Theory portion: $200
    • Clinical portion: $350
  • Delivery: Online learning
  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Textbook: Evans, R., Evans, E., Brown, Y., & Orshan, S. (2015).   Canadian maternity, newborn, & women’s health nursing (2nd ed.). Lippincott, Williams & Williams.
  • Outline:  Maternal-Infant Health course outline

Psychiatric Mental Health

  • Course Tuition:
    • Theory portion: $200
    • Clinical portion: $350
  • Delivery: Online learning
  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Textbook: Austin, W., & Boyd, M. A. (2019).  Psychiatric & mental health nursing for Canadian practice (4th ed.). Wolters Kluwer. 
  • Outline:  Psychiatric Mental Health course outline

Purchasing Textbooks

Textbooks can be purchased new or used. Some options to purchase new books include:

  • Dalhousie Health Sciences Bookstore: In person at 6136 University Ave., Halifax, NS, over the phone at 1-902-494-3020, or  order online
  • Directly from the publishers:  Elsevier Mosby or   Lippincott, William & Wilkins
  • Online through websites such as Amazon or Chapters/Indigo

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