Central Zone RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program

Emilie O'Regan Martens, MN, RN

Emilie joined the RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program team in 2023 after several years with the Family Practice Nursing Education Program. Emilie holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from Saint Francis Xavier University, in Physical Education (’97) and Nursing (’05), and a Master of Nursing degree from Dalhousie University (’22). As a nurse, Emilie has experience in the fields of perinatal and public health nursing, as well as in nursing education. Emilie is delighted to combine her passions for nursing and education within her role supporting the RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program and its learners.

902-471-0316 |  Emilie2.Martens@nshealth.ca

Stephanie Baillie, BSc, BScN, RN

Stephanie joined the Learning Institute in the fall of 2023 as a Nurse Educator in the RN Bridging and Re-Entry Program. While completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Dalhousie University, Stephanie joined the Canadian Armed Forces. After graduation, she continued to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St. Francis Xavier University. During her time in the military, Stephanie worked in various clinical settings and completed the Critical Care Nursing Program through Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. Stephanie has worked all over the country, including Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments in Montreal, Edmonton, and Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephanie considers herself to be a lifelong student and is currently enrolled in a Master of Science (Critical Care) through the University of Edinburgh and aspires to pursue a Master of Education as her next degree. This passion for teaching and education developed early in her military career as she had the opportunity to mentor and teach health care professionals both in Canada and overseas. After a decade in uniform, Stephanie decided to retire from the Canadian Armed Forces and made her way back east to her beloved home province of Nova Scotia.

In her spare time, you’re just as likely to find her planning her next globetrotting adventure or local hike with her two giant dogs, buried nose deep in a book, or trying not to look exasperated as she tries to teach herself to crochet.

902-222-5948 |  Stephanie.Baillie@nshealth.ca

Ward Phillips, BA, BScN, RN, ENC (c)

After completing his BA in Modern Languages from StFX University, Ward was unsure which career path to pursue. He was working as a Unit Aid when an RN suggested he should consider becoming a nurse, and the rest, as they say, is history! He completed the Accelerated Fast Track Nursing Degree Program at StFX. Ward started his nursing career in the Neurology/Stroke service and quickly progressed to Cardiac Surgery, where he completed the IMCU course. He found a love of learning and teaching when he became a Nursing Instructor with the Dalhousie School of Nursing and still works as a casual clinical skills instructor with the Dalhousie School of Medicine.

Ward completed the Emergency Nursing Program through the Learning Institute (RNPDC at the time) and spent most of his career nursing in the Emergency Department. He was a Clinical Leader, obtained his CNA certification in Emergency Nursing, and became a Simulator Instructor and a certified ACLS instructor with Heart and Stroke. He did a term as the Patient Flow Manager/ Administrative Coordinator and later transitioned to Critical Care Nursing. Watching people learn and develop into professionals drove Ward’s passion for learning and teaching, and he is extremely excited to be joining the Learning Institute as a full-time instructor with the RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program. He plans to complete a Master’s in Adult Education.

In his spare time, Ward can be found outside enjoying nature, listening to music, taking in the latest production at Neptune Theatre, or, during the winter months, in the curling rink throwing rocks at houses!

902-399-5564 | Ward.Phillips@nshealth.ca

Patrick Morrison-Bell, BScN, RN, ENP

Patrick graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. He began his career in cardiothoracic surgery in 2004. In 2009, Patrick and his husband, Bryan, moved to Canada. He attended the Learning Institute (RNPDC at the time) to complete two specialty courses prior to being eligible to write the CRNE for licensure as an RN in Nova Scotia.

Patrick has practiced in cardiac surgery, general surgery, the emergency department, and more recently palliative care. From 2014 to 2018, he completed his post-RN BScN via distance learning at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Patrick has a strong interest in teaching and enjoys seeing learners evolve and achieve their goals.

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys camping with his husband and their two dogs, Harvey and Luna, in their trailer. They also love cycling around the HRM and farther afield on E-bikes (so much fun) and road tripping around our amazing province.

902-471-2983 | Patrick.Morrison-Bell@nshealth.ca

Alicia Gilchrist, BScN, RN, CCSNE, CCN(C)

Alicia joined the RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program in late 2023 after two years with the Simulation Learning team at the Learning Institute. Alicia completed a BScN from Dalhousie in 2010. Following graduation, she completed the Critical Care Nursing Program at the Learning Institute (formerly RNPDC). She spent much of her career in acute care cardiology, and she maintains CNA Cardiovascular Nursing Certification. Alicia enjoys mentoring and precepting in clinical practice. Her role as Critical Care Lead for CCU and Cardiology IMCU in the Halifax Infirmary ignited her passion for nursing education.

When Alicia transitioned into simulation education, she received Simulation Nurse Educator Certification. She’s excited to bring her simulation experience to the RN Bridging/Re-Entry program. She looks forward to engaging with learners in the labs and ensuring they get the most out of skills and simulation learning experiences.

Outside of work, she loves spending time making memories with her busy young family, gardening, crafting, camping and beach combing for sea glass.

902-456-5755 | Alicia.Gilchrist@nshealth.ca

Erin Gillis, BSc(Bio), BScN, RN, ENC(c)

Erin completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at St. Mary’s University in 2003, and then she took off to South Korea to teach English as a second language. While there, Erin discovered her passion for both teaching and immersing herself in new cultures. Erin then explored Europe for a couple of years before deciding in 2008 to return to Nova Scotia. She enrolled in the 3 Academic Year Accelerated Option for Nursing at Dalhousie University.

With her BScN in her pocket, Erin started her nursing career as a new graduate in the fast-paced Emergency Department of the Dartmouth General Hospital (DGH). She completed the Emergency Nursing Program through the Learning Institute (RNPDC at the time) and subsequently obtained her CNA Certification in Emergency Nursing. After 5 years in the ED, Erin was curious to see what happened to the critical ill patients after their emergency stay and joined the Intensive Care Unit at the same site. She remained there happily for 7 years until she felt the desire to return to her passion of teaching. Erin felt fortunate to be offered the Instructor I/II position at the Learning Institute and has started a Certificate in Adult Education through the Canadian College of Educators to prepare her for her new role.

In her spare time, Erin can be found getting her hands dirty in the garden, hiking with her crew, or trying to keep up with her two young children.

902-233-6379 | ErinC.Gillis@nshealth.ca

Kim Slack, BScN, RN, NSWOC

Kim (she /her) grew up in Montreal, Quebec, but the Maritimes were always home to her. Kim pursued her nursing education at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After moving to Nova Scotia, which she now considers home, Kim completed the NSWOC Specialty program and then practiced as a Wound and Ostomy Specialist in both acute care and community-based clinic settings in Nova Scotia. She was also a Clinical Instructor in Medical-Surgical Nursing at Saint Francis Xavier University.

Throughout her career, Kim gravitated to critical care nursing areas such as PACU, ICU, Emergency, and Hyperbaric Medicine, and eventually complex wound care and ostomy management. She considers it a unique privilege to have worked with Public Health during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lifelong love of learning is prompting Kim to pursue a Certificate in Adult Education at Dalhousie University.

Kim has a passion for volunteering and has volunteered in various positions. One of her most cherished volunteer positions is with the Swim Nova Scotia community as a Stroke & Turn Judge, as she especially loves fostering a love of swimming in the summer swim program.

Kim has a passion for interior decorating, travel to tropical beach locales, podcasts, politics, hot yoga spending time with her children, and lake walks with her beloved and high-energy labradoodle, Justice.

902-717-5478 | Kim.Slack@nshealth.ca

Pronney Gabi, BSN, RN, ENC(c)

Pronney is an IEN from the Philippines. She graduated in 2007 with her BSN. Shortly after passing the boards, she worked as an ambulance RN, then transitioned to ED. After four years of working in the Philippines, she moved to Abu Dhabi with her husband and worked as an ED RN there before settling here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Pronney graduated from the RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program at the Learning Institute in 2017. Her time as a learner fueled her dream to teach the program. She started her career as an RN with Nova Scotia Health in January 2018, working mostly in the ED (HI and CCHC). She obtained her CNA Certification in Emergency Nursing in 2023.

In her spare time, Pronney’s hands are full with her two young children. She loves hanging out with friends over food, coffee and play dates with kids.

902-719-7345 |  Pronney.Gabi@nshealth.ca

Chloe Corkum, BScN, RN

Chloe earned her BScN from StFX in 2019, focusing on inpatient surgical nursing. Her affinity for Thoracic Surgery blossomed during her tenure at Toronto General Hospital, where she first discovered her interest in the service. Settling in at the VG, she pursued her love for nursing, but her innate teaching instincts soon emerged. Remembering her childhood antics of enforcing “summer school” on her siblings, Chloe sought to fulfill her teaching aspirations. In 2022, she began instructing at Dalhousie and NSCC, offering her students an engaging experience minus the excessive homework. This year, she began a new journey with the RNBRP, merging her love for nursing and teaching.

Despite her enthusiasm for teaching, Chloe remains an avid learner. Currently pursuing her Adult Learning Certificate and CNA Med-Surg Certificate, she exemplifies her commitment to personal and professional growth.

During her leisure time, Chloe enjoys staying active through gym sessions, hiking, or sports. When not engaged in physical activities, she immerses herself in books of all kinds or plans her next adventure.

902-719-7374 | Chloe.Corkum@nshealth.ca

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