Please do not complete a registration form until you have received confirmation from a specialty manager that you are supported to participate in a program.

Program Registration

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Registrations will only be processed upon receipt of a fully completed registration form.

Learners who are not residents of Nova Scotia must submit a photocopy of registration in another province or a letter of professional association stating eligibilty for NS registration.

reference from your immediate manager is required as part of the registration process. The referee can fax or submit the form to the Learning Institute or return it to you in a sealed envelope for your submittal.

You are required to upload your resume, cover letter, and any other supporting documents (BLSC, ACLS etc.) at time of registration. 

 Please note, only Microsoft Word and PDF documents can be uploaded.

The Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers offers education programming designed to meet the needs of learners across the province and strengthen our health care system. We are committed to delivering high-quality, evidence-informed programming that enables providers to develop and maintain foundational and specialty competencies.