High Acuity Nursing Program

Credential Earned

Certificate of Completion


  • Part Time: 10 weeks+

See Plan of Study details for more information.


  • Independent, online learning with live classroom and simulation and skills sessions
  • In-person skills and simulation sessions (location TBD)


Part Time

  • Spring: April 2, 2024–May 31, 2024 (followed by clinical component)
  • Summer: July 8, 2024–September 5, 2024 (followed by clinical component)
  • Fall: October 7, 2024–December 5, 2024 (followed by clinical component)

See Important Dates for a list of dates when learners must be available for program activities.

Registration Deadlines

Part Time

  • Summer: June 10, 2024
  • Fall: September 9, 2024


The High Acuity Nursing Program (HANP) prepares Registered Nurses to work in high acuity care settings such as intermediate care units, post-anesthesia care units, step-down units, and progressive care units. The goal of caring for high acuity patients is to maintain stability to avoid admission to higher levels of care. This competency-based program will expand learners’ nursing knowledge and skills, which will assist in caring for high acuity patients that require frequent monitoring and advanced nursing care.

This program will prepare learners to provide high-quality, safe, person-centred care in high acuity care environments while using an interprofessional team approach. Using a combination of online, facilitated learning with hands-on practical skills and simulation exposure, learners will gain proficiency in high acuity specific knowledge and skills to care for patients within these settings.

The program involves six modules each containing various units. Please see the Plan of Study for more information about program structure and content.


  • Active-practicing RN license with Nova Scotia College of Nursing
  • Approval from a high acuity care unit manager to confirm a clinical seat and sponsorship for the program is required. (See Plan of Study for more information about sponsorship.)

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