Transition to Electronic Textbooks

Beginning in Summer 2024, the Learning Institute is primarily using electronic textbooks for programming. E-books have several advantages over hard-copy textbooks, including:

  • They are keyword searchable (both within books and across your e-book library).
  • They have read-aloud tools built in, allowing you to listen rather than read online.
  • You can customize the size of text, background brightness, layout, etc. to suit your preferences.
  • They have bookmark and notes tools built in to help you study.
  • They are easy to transport.
  • They are more cost efficient.

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The Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers offers education programming designed to meet the needs of learners across the province and strengthen our health care system. We are committed to delivering high-quality, evidence-informed programming that enables providers to develop and maintain foundational and specialty competencies.