Radiation Therapy Clinic Pathway

Courses have been selected to support nurses working in the ambulatory radiation therapy clinic areas at the two cancer centres: QEII Cancer Centre and Cape Breton Cancer Centre. Nurses in the cancer centres provide specialized care to cancer patients receiving radiation therapy and their families. Nurses need to demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge and competencies according to standards for specialized cancer nurses to practice in a cancer centre radiation therapy unit.

Courses Included

Phase Courses Included* Delivery Duration Learning Hours
Novice to Advanced Beginner Cancer Care Basics for Nova Scotia Asynchronous 12 weeks 25 hours
Competent to Proficient Foundations in Oncology Nursing Practice on Demand for Nova Scotia Asynchronous 16 weeks 40 hours
Proficient to Expert Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology: Introduction to Theory and Practice (IPODE)
Do not take this course unless you are available for the weekly live sessions of the entire course. A failed credit will be assigned if you drop the course after the deadline or fail to meet the course requirements by the course end.
Synchronous 16 weeks 48 hours

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