Plan of Study

Part-time Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Specialty Program

The part-time study option is aimed at ensuring the Registered Nurse achieves the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to meet the program competencies. Preceptored clinicals are offered throughout the program to assist learners in transferring theory to practice. The program is aligned with a transition to practice approach that will support the Registered Nurse in transferring the program competencies into their mental health and addictions practice.

Learners benefit from online and/or classroom discussions, in addition to skills labs where newly acquired knowledge is practiced using simulation. Knowledge is assessed through online discussions, assignments, and examinations. Skills are practiced and assessed in the lab setting and clinical setting.

The program includes:

  • Faculty-supported lessons requiring on average 12 hours of independent study per week
  • On-site labs: 30 hours (4 days)
  • Online classroom sessions: 15 hours (3 classes)
  • Clinical practicum: 150 hours (20 days)


This represents a general timeline for the program. The exact delivery model may vary between offerings.

  • Week 1–4: Module 1 content
  • Week 5–10: Module 2 content, 2 on-site labs, 1 assignment, mid-term exam
  • Week 11–13: Clinical placement
  • Week 13–22: Module 3 content
  • Week 23–24: Module 4 content, 1 assignment
  • Week 25–27: Final exam, 1 on-site lab (OSCE)
  • Week 28–30: Clinical placement

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