Critical Care Paramedic Program

Jason Tulk, CCP

Jason began his career as a paramedic in 2000. He obtained both his Primary Care and Advanced Care Paramedicine diplomas from Holland College. He was most recently a student in the first cohort of Critical Care Paramedics to graduate from the Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers.

Jason has practiced prehospital paramedicine in both rural and urban settings throughout Nova Scotia. Jason left the ambulance service after 14 years to work within the emergency department at the Halifax Infirmary. For the past 9 years Jason has worked in emergency medicine in many roles, the last 2 years as a Critical Care Paramedic.

In his spare time, Jason likes to spend time at his cottage with his family, sitting on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Spring and fall are kept busy with getting kids to all their sporting events. He also enjoys cycling, both street and trail.

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