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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my registration form has been successfully submitted?

If you have successfully submitted an electronic registration form, you should receive an automated email generated by the website.

I want to register for more than one program. Do I have to submit more than one registration form?

Yes, you should submit more than one registration form. If you wish to transfer your registration to another program, please contact LearningInstitute@nshealth.ca.

I don’t know what study option would be better for me?

The accelerated and regular part-time study options are designed so learners can study while working. The intensity of the full-time study option requires that learners not work while studying. Please refer to each program information web page  for more detailed information. 

What if I have missed the registration deadline?

I am an international nursing graduate and am interested in your program. Do you accept international applications?

Many of our programs are performance based, which require the applicant to complete a clinical component. To complete the clinical component applicants must be licensed in Canada. We offer many supports and resources for international graduates. Please visit this web page for details.

I am a new graduate or about to graduate. Is this program suitable for new graduates?

Programs are designed to build upon entry level competencies to prepare learners to work in specialty areas. Programming for new graduates generally requires additional support for orientation and transition to the workforce. Learners interested in the Critical Care/Emergency/Perioperative programs should check the program's webpage to verify the minimum amount of recent experience recommended prior to taking the program. Please contact LearningInstitute@nshealth.ca. 

I submitted my registration form and realized I made a mistake. Can I edit the information?  My address / contact information has changed. How can I change my address?

Unfortunately your online registration form cannot be edited after it has been submitted. If you would like to update your information, please contact Learning Institute administrative support to update your information at 1-800-461-8766.

What is the status of my registration?

It is important to remember that registrations are not processed before the registration deadline. The faculty review registrations at that time if all documentation is provided.

Please refer to the website under the ‘What to expect next” section.

What happens if I'm accepted?

You will receive an email confirming your acceptance into the program with detailed instructions of your next steps.

What are the computer requirements?

Recommended Web Browsers

  • D2L Brightspace can be accessed using the current versions of the most common web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).
  • Please review D2L’s documentation  for a detailed list of supported browsers.

System Check

  • D2L Brightspace includes a tool that can check your system to ensure it is compatible with Brightspace.
  • Perform a quick system check.
    This tool will check whether your web browser is officially supported and that you have JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser

Will I need to purchase textbooks?

Go to programs page, and click on the program that you are enrolled in, you will see a list of textbooks and where they can be purchased.