Resilience Series

Credential Earned

Two Certificates of Completion, Accredited from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association for 7.5 Credit Hours each

Courses Included

  • Course 1: Mental Health and Resilience
  • Course 2: Resilience and Mental Fitness

Course 1 is a prerequisite of Course 2. See Plan of Study page for more information about each course.


  • 7.5 hours per course


  • Independent, online learning


  • Course 1 Available: January 29, 2024
  • Course 2 Available: February 5, 2024

Registration Deadline

  • Registration closed


Interprofessional Practice and Learning has partnered with the Atlantic Institute for Resilience (AIR) to offer a resilience series. The series includes access to two courses through the AIR campus, with the goal of educating participants on resilience and integrating concepts learned into supporting teams.

The aim of this wellness project is to introduce a positive, evidence-based framework to mental and behavioural health and resilience and stimulate a cultural shift that empowers individuals and teams within Nova Scotia Health.

The most effective wellness strategies address both the individual and the workplace environment. Individuals should have an interest in joining and investing in themselves and staff wellness and fostering healthy workplace environments for all, in keeping with established guidelines and best practices. 


  • 30 participants will be selected through an expression of interest for the pilot
  • Open to all Nova Scotia Health employees across all zones
  • Learners must be supported by their immediate manager/director to have the necessary protected time for these courses

Resilience Series

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