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Family Practice Nursing Education Program


The Family Practice Nursing Education Program (FPNEP) is designed to prepare registered nurses to work in primary health care settings. This performance-based program supports registered nurses to advance their clinical judgment, critical thinking, and clinical leadership in family practice. The program uses a conceptual learning approach that organizes knowledge and skills into concepts that are illustrated using real-life patient situations. Learners study a concept, actively apply the concept to a patient scenario, and then learn a new concept. Each concept is then integrated with others so, by the end of a program, graduates can apply all concepts to various patient populations in a variety of primary health care settings. This is an active, learner-centered approach that fosters critical thinking and a deeper understanding of clinical knowledge by building on previous knowledge. In turn, learners are better prepared to meet the dynamic and complex needs of patients in family practice settings.

Learners benefit from self-directed study of web-based lessons, online discussions and virtual classrooms. In addition, skill labs support the practice of newly acquired knowledge using simulation, and clinical placements support the consolidation of learning. Knowledge is assessed in a variety of ways such as through examinations, online discussions and assignments. Upon completion of the program, learners are able to provide safe, effective, and compassionate care to patients and families at the advanced beginner level.

Next program offering

Full-time/Part-time Study Option (16 weeks); August 22 – December 9, 2022; Registration Deadline June 20, 2022

The next FPNEP will be offered over 16-weeks. Learners need to be prepared to devote full-time hours (Monday-Friday) during the majority of this 16-week period. We welcome applications from registered nurses who are not currently employed in primary health care (self-sponsored learners), however, priority seating will be granted to those who are currently working in family practice. Acceptance of self-sponsored applicants will also depend on the availability of clinical placements. Applicants are not permitted to arrange their own clinical placements. Please note that travel to Halifax will be required for 3 full days of lab practice during the 5th week of the program. While every effort is made to provide required clinical learning experiences at the site closest to the learner’s home, travel may be required. Clinical placements are divided into three blocks for a total of 150 hours.

Requirements for the FPNEP Program

  • An active-practicing RN license with the NSCN.
  • Support by an employer to attain the competencies to practice at optimal scope as a RN in family practice which must include access to a primary care site to complete clinical experiences.
  • Access/training in electronic medical records (EMR) if used in current practice setting.
  • Current Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search may be required prior to clinical.
  • Current immunization may be required prior to clinical.
  • Health Care Providers enrolled in programs with clinical components are required to maintain their Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. The Learning Institute follows the Nova Scotia Health Code Blue/Pink Umbrella Policy, and requires a copy of your most recent certification on file. You will be provided with directions on how to submit documentation with your acceptance/welcome letter. If your BLS is going to expire during the program, faculty recommends you recertify prior to entering the program.

Pre-requisites for the FPNEP Program

  • The EPIC course (Education Program for Immunization Competencies) must be taken prior to the program start date. Self-sponsored learners are required to cover the associated costs for this course. Find more information about the   EPIC course.

Contact Information

Program Costs

Academic Fees (see payment options):

  • Course materials: $200.00
  • Tuition: $400.00

Additional Expenses: