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About Us

The Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers offers education programming designed to meet the needs of learners across the province and strengthen our health care system. We are committed to delivering high-quality, evidence-informed programming that enables providers to develop and maintain foundational and specialty competencies.

Our Specialty Programs

Our Bridging Program

Our History

Established in the early 2000s, the Learning Institute was originally known as the Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre (RNPDC). Initially, RNPDC provided education programs for specialty areas such as Critical Care, Emergency and Perioperative nursing. These performance-based programs were centred on advancing learners from novice to advanced beginner through competency development. RNPDC grew to offer education to internationally educated nurses and re-entry nurses, and expanded the breadth of nursing programs offered.

We have been a driving force in advancing nursing education in specialty practice areas and entry-level nursing through our innovative program designs and ongoing commitment to delivering performance-based programs. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the excellent work being done here. New educational opportunities are now comprised of nontraditional stakeholders, including interprofessional key partners, external stakeholders, and internal departments to develop and deliver education programming based on our outstanding performance. Based on these new opportunities, our team and programming has grown to include support for health care providers across the system.

Inspired by this growth, our name changed in March 2022 to the Nova Scotia Learning Institute for Health Care Providers. We are excited about this new direction and about increasing the scope of our programming even further to support the needs of our health care system.