RNPDC is now the Learning Institute

As the largest academic health sciences network in Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia Health is committed to building capacity in our health care workforce through supporting a culture of lifelong learning and professional development across all areas of health care.

Our Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre, established in the early 2000s and part of our Interprofessional Practice and Learning portfolio, has been a driving force in advancing nursing education. This includes specialty practice areas and entry-level nursing through innovative program designs, along with an ongoing commitment to delivering performance-based programs. We are proud to be advancing excellence in quality, person-centred care through a variety of services aimed at enhancing collaborative learning and practice. It’s clear that when education is delivered in an interprofessional manner, there’s increased job satisfaction, and a greater feeling that teams are being supported.

Over the past two years, there has been exponential growth of programming and faculty at RNPDC, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the excellent work being done. It is now sought after from many interprofessional stakeholders to develop and deliver education programming based on its outstanding performance.

Recently, RNPDC underwent a rebranding process to be more reflective and representative of the full scope of educational and training programming offered. This included engagement sessions with staff, internal partners, and external stakeholders, who provided incredibly thoughtful contributions and are playing a key role in shaping our future vision. Through this rebranding process, the name of the Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre was changed to the Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers. Our new name is in recognition of the significant impact the Learning Institute is having within Nova Scotia Health, and we look toward the future of interprofessional programming that will enable other professions to see themselves within the Learning Institute.

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The Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers offers education programming designed to meet the needs of learners across the province and strengthen our health care system. We are committed to delivering high-quality, evidence-informed programming that enables providers to develop and maintain foundational and specialty competencies.