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Carla MacDonald, MN, RN, CNCC (c)

Carla MacDonald graduated from STFX University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has spent the majority of her career working in aspects of Adult Critical Care, including Flight nursing on Nova Scotia’s Provincial Helicopter LifeFlight, as faculty of Critical Care with the Learning Institute and most recently as interim Director for the Learning Institute.

In 2011, Carla obtained her Masters of Teaching with Nursing focus from Athabasca and is CNA certified in Critical Care. Carla’s love of nursing and passion for quality patient care is evident in any project she is leading. A passionate learner and never afraid to challenge the status quo, Carla has had the opportunity to see the many facets of health care through her career.

At home, Carla is a proud mom to Abby and Ryan and can often be found at a rink, baseball field or basketball court with her kids. Carla feels immense honor to lead the team at the Learning Institute, as she feels each team member is striving every day to achieve excellence in the work they do.

902-759-4106 | Carla.MacDonald@nshealth.ca